Midnight Monkeys

Our collection’s concept and initiative are inspired by the ones burning the late-night oil. People call us “night owls” right now, but we feel that’s wrong, as owls are supposed to be nocturnal.
We are different. We are the Midnight Monkeys.

Minting LIVE on Trust Market:

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Midnight Monkeys are coming...

What are the Midnight Monkeys?

The Midnight Monkeys are a group of monkey people formed after the White Light that challenge the status quo with their muon-powered constructs. I know you understood only some of those words, but more will be revealed in our midnight lore channel on the Discord.
As for the collection, the Midnight Monkeys NFT’s is a limited collection of 1200 NFT’s inspired by late-night people. Minted at a 3000x3000px 72dpi with 300 dpi resolution unlockable content. Buyers also get perks in the Discord online community and access to the passive income mechanism ($LKMEX, $PLATA, $VITAL).

Traditional Assets
Digital Goods

What Stage are we at?

Q1, 2022 Platform Idea
Development of the concept, business plan & illustrations.
Establishing the first strategic partners.
Discord channel creation & whitelist concept.
Unlockable content presentation & initiating website development
Q2, 2022 Integration & releases
Midnight Monkeys™ website & collection launch
Unlockable content creation & delivery
Passive income community mechanism
LKMEX, PLATA, VITAL distribution. Starting in June
Q3, 2022 MM Token Structure
Whitepaper release
Develop future partnerships
MM token airdrop to holders
Q3/Q4 2022
Midnight Monkeys custom accessory shop
Q4, 2022 MM Mobile Game
MM mobile game research & initial development
Q1, 2023 Further Development
Further development of Midnight Monkeys ecosystem.

Midnight Monkeys Token Structure


Our motivated team


George VladCEO & Lead Developer


Uicreh NickLore & Visual Coordinator

Our goal is to turn the Midnight Monkeys community into a hub where you can seek help with issues related to graphic design, development, trading etc. At hours when most of us are having their beauty sleep.
A weekly AMA will soon be announced...

Passive income mechanism

HODL Your Monkey

90% of sales go to community wallet
  • 45% of the Royalties received will be deposited in a MEX Farm, with the profits dispersed to every Midnight Monkey owner.
  • 45% of the Royalties received will be deposited in an EGLD-MEX Farm, with the profits dispersed to every Midnight Monkey owner.
    *** The royalties above will be swapped into $MEX/$LKMEX in order to add them to the MEX/EGLD-MEX farms
  • The rewards will be distributed twice a month.
  • The snapshots will be randomly taken during the month.
  • The more Midnight Monkeys NFTs you have, the higher your rewards will be.


When are The Midnight Monkeys Dropping?
We are LIVE  on Trust Market. The Midnight Monkeys are coming – 1,200 NFTs.

How Much Will The Midnight Monkeys Cost?
0.57 $EGLD

How to get Whitelisted?
Check the ?┃get-whitelisted channel on Discord. Not available anymore, maybe on future collections.

How many different attributes do The Midnight Monkeys have?
The Midnight Monkeys are made of different traits. These traits will be completely randomized by AI upon minting, so each NFT will be completely unique.

How do I purchase a Midnight Monkey?
On Trust.Market – You will need to have an Elrond wallet to be able to purchase.
All you have to do is connect your Elrond to our website and select the number of Midnight Monkeys that you are looking to mint. Check ?┃official-links channel on Discord to avoid scams.

What can I use the NFT for?
By buying the NFT you buy the rights to use the image. You will be the owner of that unique variation. That variation can be used online as an avatar or it can be applied in the real world by printing it on diverse objects like t-shirts, canvases, coasters, etc. Anything you want until you resale it.
Holders will be eligible for a passive income mechanism